What are Nifty Nanas?

Nifty Nanas is a collection of 8,888 uniquely generated bananas that was built to represent a commitment to supporting the Solana ecosystem. We want to be known as the project that supports other projects. By doing so, we create a Brand of Inclusion.

Why mint?

Mint a Nifty Nana if you care about the Solana ecosystem and want to be part of a Brand that is built through community involvement.

We're putting 50% of our royalties* in a community wallet where Nifty Nanas holders will vote on how to use the funds. This can be in the form:
- Burning the Unwanted Nanas :(
- Pushing the Brand through Collabs
- Contests / Giveaways / Raffles
- Donations to Solana DAOs or other Important Causes
- Providing "fuel" for other creators in the space

The remaining 50% will go to community leaders for their time and effort in furthering the brand.

Other than that, we think we're pretty cute and rare.

* Royalties are set to 5% of sale

Wen mint? How much mint?

October 15th @ 6PM ( or 10PM UTC ) at 0.25 SOL



No two Bananas are alike! Some of them like to blend in with the crowd, while others are simply an act of self-expression. Which one appeals to you?

Attribute Variations
Body Types
Eye Wear
Head Pieces


October 2021
Launch Generation 1 Nifty Nanas

The first generation of Nifty Nanas will be the birth of a long term brand that we intend to build out.

Secondary Marketplace Listings

We will send out the official word on which marketplaces we will be officially listing on.

Discord / Twitter Marketplace Bot

We'll be a Discord / Twitter Bot to stay up to date on Sales and Listings

November 2021
Launch Rarity Tool

We'll be building out a Rarity tool that will allow you to easily check the rarity of your Nifty Nanas

Exclusive Giveaways and Airdrops to Community Members / Nana Holders

To give back to the Solana community, we will be airdropping exclusive NFT's to our biggest fans. This may include custom NFT's designed by our artist, collaborations with other projects or outright gifting of the hottest NFT's at the time.

December 2021
Build Voting System for Community Wallet

As noted above, 50% of all royalties will be saved in a community wallet to be used to give back to the community. We will be building a voting system to determine how to use the funds.

Helping Secure the Solana Network

With the profits we generate, we plan on becoming a validator in the Solana network. This means purchasing powerful rig and staking $SOL.

2022 and Beyond
Brand Expansion

Our goal with Nifty Nanas is to build it into a recognizable brand outside both inside and outside of the Crypto-verse.

Brand expansion builds enterprise value and should benefit holders in many ways.

Merch Store x Collabs

As a natural progression with brand expansion, we'll be working on building a merch store and collaborate with niche clothing brands.

Launch Generation 2 Nanas

Generation 2 Nanas will be an extension of Gen 1, we're not sure what this looks like yet, but prepare to be surprised!

What is the total supply for Nifty Nanas?
The total supply of Nifty Nanas is 8,888.
How can I buy a Nana?
You will be able to connect to your wallet by clicking on the Mint button and approving the transaction.
When can I mint? How much?
We will open up minting on October 15th @ 6PM EST ( 10 PM UTC ) for 0.25 SOL.
How many traits are there?
Over 130+
Do I own the Nana after purchase?
Where can I buy or sell my Nanas?
We will update this section once we have determined official secondary marketplaces to list on.
What's the royalty % set as?
We have set the royalties to 5%.

Meet the Artist

Diana Vuong - a foodie, self-proclaimed artist and certified banana expert. When she’s not drawing or trading crypto, you can find her stuffing her face with delicious food, planning her next getaway trip or sleeping.

Diana is currently living the life as a freelance illustrator, working with various popular clients such as the Detroit-based clothing company, ‘The Dirt Label’ and online cartoon and animation ‘Ketnipz’, as well as starting her own sticker and pin business, which will expand to apparel and more.

Most of her artwork comes from her imagination, and develops characters that embodies the feelings of solitude or happiness.
They often contain food, current events and some irony.

Diana loves things that are light hearted, but deep at the same time. She never does things that she can’t put her heart into.

Her hope is to be able to create as much art as she can until her arthritis kicks in.


The Team


Project Management / Developer


Art & Design


Community Leader


Community / Marketing